58mm 0.65X Wide Angle F/GL-2, DVX-2100


KNW065PROII 58mm 0.65X Wide Angle F/GL-2, DVX-2100

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Product Description

The Kenko KRW-065 PRO DX is a professional 0.65x wide angle lens that, when attached, will increase the angle of view by 70%, allowing the video or digital camera to take in far more of a scene than normal.
The KRW-065 PRO DX is easily to attach directly to any camcorder with 58mm filter threads, there is no need to use any adapter rings, so there is no vignetting, even when used with camcorders having this larger size.

Despite the wide angle of view this is very little barrel distortion making this lens suitable for recording in interiors spaces where backing up to get more in the shot is not possible, as well as recording people in large groups.

When used with a Kenko stepping ring this lens will work perfectly with digital video cameras having 52mm filter threads as well.

This PRO series video camera lens features optical glass lens elements, which have multiple layers of anti-reflectance chemicals bonded to the surface of the glass to reduced the possibility of flare and ghosting caused by light reflecting off the surfaces of the elements and again reflecting into the camera. All barrels and filter treads are made of molded and precision milled aluminum for lasting durability and lightweight. The inner barrels of the lenses have a matte-black finish to further reduce the chance of any internal reflections. To further reduce the chance of reflections, the all KRW-065 PRO DX models are designed to accept the new Kenko RHC-85 accessory lens shade.

Additional Information

  • Magnification: 0.65x
  • Elements/Groups: 3E / 3G
  • Height: 50.8
  • Width: 83.8
  • weight: 309