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EXAPRO for your Smart Phone

EXAPRO for your Smart Phone

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This is the EXAPRO Smartphone Filter Clip – your gateway to unlocking professional-level photography and videography right from your smartphone. This innovative accessory redefines the boundaries of smartphone camera capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly attach and use 49mm filters with ease.

Designed to cater to the needs of photography enthusiasts, content creators, and professionals alike, the EXAPRO Smartphone Filter Clip combines convenience and versatility in a compact and sleek form. This clip ensures a secure and stable connection between your smartphone and the selected filter, eliminating the risk of light leaks or unwanted distortions.

Enhance your creativity and capture stunning visuals that were once reserved for high-end cameras. The EXAPRO provides an exceptional platform to explore a myriad of creative possibilities. Whether you're aiming to achieve striking landscapes with polarizing filters, or breathtaking long-exposure shots with neutral density filters, this clip empowers you to experiment and elevate your photography to the next level.

Installation is a breeze – simply attach the clip over your smartphone's camera lens and firmly secure it in place. The compact design of the clip ensures that you can easily carry it in your bag or pocket, allowing you to seize every photographic opportunity, no matter where you are.

The EXAPRO Smartphone Filter Clip isn't just a tool; it's a bridge between your smartphone and professional photography equipment.


 Key Points:

  • Easy clip on set up
  • 49mm filter thread
  • Suit most common circular filters
  • Compatible with different smartphone brands
  • Future proof design